Psychoanalysis Therapy in NYCPsychoanalysis is a therapy that utilizes metaphor, dreams, poetry, writing, visual arts, and verbal expression. The purpose is to help catalyze positive changes by enhancing awareness of previously non conscious limitations. I do not separate the mind and body and thus integrate a somatic approach to therapy with health and lifestyle. The process of psychoanalysis enhances imagination and creativity. Neuroscience has proven that psychoanalysis can facilitate long lasting neurological changes. A feeling of well-being is often concurrent with a sense of personal agency.

My style is not to diagnose character disorders, but to help with a creative perspective on self-limiting behaviors. Some limitations create a stasis in one’s life that have underlying non-conscious patterns. These patterns are usually an internalized attempt at adaptation to one’s environment. Change in one’s living environment is not the goal, but creative adaptation to the stressors of life is the goal. I am emphasizing here and ‘know’ that we all have creative capacities that arise from our unique individuality. The process of psychoanalysis encourages and facilitates individual expression!