I have been trained in both eastern and western biomedicine and integrate a Mind-Body bridge through health and lifestyle counseling. I combine and utilize my training at the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative medicine in combination with a ‘Classical’ perspective of Chinese medicine. Click here to contact Dr. James Pearl to schedule your session.

The following quote is at the heart of my practice:

“Many clinicians will assume that it is natural to have disease, that it’s an intrinsic aspect which illness is a part of life. Then it’s not up to us to eradicate the illness, but rather to help us come to understand why we become ill. Once we come to understand that, perhaps it becomes the liberation itself. Remember, the key to healing is to try to free the individual back to their state of awareness, by which they can grow. That so-called awareness does not necessarily have to be pleasurable. It does not have to be symptom free. It sometimes requires us to go through a ‘healing crisis’, where our suffering and pain becomes intensified before personal insights come from the suffering. Now this is not to say one needs to experience suffering, agony and pain to get to pleasure. But it is, nevertheless, to say that sometimes those sufferings are a necessity by which we can grow.”

Jeffrey Yuen
Jade Purity, Taoist Master