Psychological and Medical Integration

James Pearl PHD Psychoanalysis

My name is James Pearl and I hold a doctorate in counseling psychology. I am a New York State licensed psychoanalyst and also studied lifestyle medicine at the University of Arizona's Center for Integrative Medicine. An extensive medical internship at a prestigious university's teaching hospital in Cheng Du, PRC informed me about the benefits of a dual mind-body approach to health. I strongly believe that a conscious connection to psychological well-being includes a healthy perspective on lifestyle. I have found that psychological change can foster positive physical changes. In my view, a whole health perspective includes an integration of psychological, nutritional, lifestyle, and physical well-being. The main focus of my practice is bridging psychological and physical health with nutritional and lifestyle counseling. Psychoanalysis serves as a form of self exploration that fosters deep and enduring change via an exploration of recurring negative and destructive pattern's in one's life. Repetitive physical health patterns are also explored from a psychological perspective. A second focus is to help an individual gain a sense of personal agency for creativity, health, and over-all well-being. Many individuals express a search for a deeper meaning in their lives. Self-exploration through the process of psychoanalysis can be an enriching catalyst towards meaning as well as enhanced personal creativity.
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Treating The Whole Person, Mind & Body

My years of clinical experience working with individuals has made me aware of how both psychological and physical symptoms may be enmeshed. It is well established that attending to a psychological problem may positively affect a physiological one and vice versa. The focus of my practice is treating treating the whole person without the more traditional separation of mind and body. Deeper levels of negative psychological patterns can be addressed in relationship with lifestyle and nutrition as a whole health perspective.

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James Pearl, PHD